Sunday, March 16, 2008

News of 2008 USS Houston Dive Team

Also noted at the USS HOUSTON BLOG.
Ranger's Blog 2008 Dive
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William Deertz []
Jerry, saw your write up on your recent dive trip to the USS Houston. Wish I had known a group of you were coming as I would have liked to join the expedition. I am a US expat and have been living in Jakarta for the past 11 years. A group of us dove the USS Houston on the 60th anniversary of the sinking. You can see a few photos and a short video I put together from this trip at this link As you’ll know from diving it the visibility is poor so in the video its often difficult to make out where you are at. I would have liked to get more wide angle from outside the wreck but the poor visibility makes this difficult.
Here is a 2007 PHOTO Album from another earlier Ranger Dive.

Battle of Badoeng Strait

Battle of Badoeng Strait: World War II Naval Duel off Bali
The Allied strike force reached Badoeng Strait too late to stop the Japanese invasion -- and the one transport they found was defended by two tenacious destroyers. This article was written by Tom Womack and originally appeared in the February 1996 issue of World War II magazine. For more great articles subscribe to World War II magazine today!
Here is another article too: , another detailed article by: Felipe C. Ramirez. (courtesy Johan VanLeer)