Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Chinese Stewards

One of the great stories of immigration to America! Here is a note from T.F. Ting.
Thank you for sharing "update" on your project and those photos posted in I have since printed one of Captain Eddie L. Daniel, USMC (Retired) of Bethesda, MD, and me, which I will send to him sometime next week (he was not copied in your e-mail).
Since our last meeting in Asheville, NC, I attended a Navy Family Picnic (15 JUL 06) in Berkeley, CA, with close to 150 mostly family members and (a few) interested friends (of China Gunboatmen of Chinese descent). The affair was co-organized by our friend Lt. (SC) James HUEN, USN (SC) of Hayward, CA. I am certain James and Mrs. WOO (see below) will gladly share with you on the festivity should you be interested.
I have taken the liberty of copying Mrs. Nancy DONG-WOO, daughter of late Zing King DONG, SDC, USN (Retired), this e-mail. She is the other co-organizer of this picnic. She resides in Berkeley, CA, and maintains frequent contacts with Yung Ching CHANG, SDC, USN (Retired) of El Cerrito, CA, possibly the last of Chinese US Navy stewards, and the widow of Yun Sheng KOO, of Berkeley, CA, another China Gunboat sailor, among other (Chinese) navy families in the SF-Oakland Bay Area.
Looking forward in hearing from you soon and learn more about your project.
May the Kind and Merciful Lord watch over you and yours, TF (Falls Church, VA)
BTW, I enjoyed going thru that site and reading your profile. What? San Pebbles was not one of your favorite books