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Great old photo with a sailor and his lady with USS Parrott and USS Francis M. Robinson (in background) appears shot near Walnut Creek in California. IF anyone wants to comment on the photo click the link to the blog (above).

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USAFR, Combined Asiatic Fleet, Leedstown (APA-56) and Marblehead (CL-12) reunion reminder cards will or have been sent by Graylines Branson MO.

To make reservations: call1-800-542-6788, Registration code10097

Reunion package price includes 25-30 August 2010 lodging with breakfast, all shows, attractions and transportation to and from the airport.
Hotel lodging 3 days before and after the reunion is $83 per night, breakfast included.

There will be a reunion in spite of the economic situation.

I hope to see you in Branson.

Be Happy

Ray D Kester
         Reunion president-treasurer.
703.451.2520; raykstr@verizon.net

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Mentions of Asiatic Fleet

US Fleet - Asiatic Fleet, October 1, 1939
The organization of the US Navy's Asiatic Fleet in 1939.
The SteelNavy.Com Message Board: Re: The US Asiatic Fleet, 1941
Please contact me off site if you don't mind about Asiatic Fleet,and info! muley46@yahoo.com Thanks! Mac --Previous Message-- : Does anyone know anything, ...
Rare 1920s Ticket U.S. Asiatic Fleet in Tsingtao China
Up for auction is a rare 1920s era ticket good for 10 cents in trade from the Commissioned Officers mess in Tsingtao China. This came with a US Asiatic ...
Detail: The Asiatic Wild Dog or Dhole Cuon javanicus
United States Asiatic Fleet: The Asiatic Fleet was part of the US Navy. During the World War II era, the fleet protected the Philippines. ...
The SteelNavy.Com Message Board: The US Asiatic Fleet, 1941
"The Fleet the Gods Forgot" W.G. Winslow - Jim Anderson Today, 11:59:04. Re: The US Asiatic Fleet, 1941 books on it - Gerry Today, 10:07:38 ...

A Los Angeles class USS Marblehead - Alternate History Discussion ...
with the Pacific Fleet, and then detached to the Asiatic Fleet... Fleet at wikipedia atwww.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asiatic Fleet . ...
Videos about fleet - WME3-TV
tags education, wwii, asiatic, fleet, pacific, veteran, marblehead, houston, ... tags education, uss, gwinn, paul, jones, gene, schindler, asiatic, fleet...
USS South Carolina in World War II - Page 3 - Alternate History ...
The third USS Marblehead, (CL-12), which avoided Japanese bombs and torpedoes, wasn't part of theAsiatic Fleet, but was on loan from the Pacific ...
Naval Warfare: June 2010
They were used as gunboats with the Asiatic Fleet and in the waters off Central ... Cleveland was part of the Asiatic Fleet for the next three years, ...
me3tv Youtube Videos - Save, Download & Watch
Tags: uss gwinn paul jones gene schindler asiatic fleet me3tv pacific war ... The Asiatic Fleet ceased to exist after a three month battle to the death ...

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Tales of the Asiatic Fleet

Tales of the Asiatic Fleet - Tanknet.org
A blog post on the USS Preston - one of the Asiatic Fleet's tenders.

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A Blue Sea of Blood:

A Blue Sea of Blood: Deciphering the Mysterious Fate of the USS Edsall Book Reviews

Click above for an excellent review of the book by Don Kehn.
Reviewer: Tom Wisker, Host "Weaponry", WBAI, New York Buy it at Amazon.com

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Google Alert - "asiatic fleet"

Google News Alert for: "asiatic fleet"
Recent web entries ... Some are interesting.

Port Hope-born hero honoured on American postage stamp
Northumberland Today
... naval attache in Paris during the Spanish-American War, attache in St. Petersburg, Russia and inspector of target practice for the US Asiatic fleet. ...
Google Blogs Alert for: "asiatic fleet"
port of la – Facil Subasta
By admin
It has a nice Coulthard "Asiatic Fleet in China" cachet. It is franked with stamp "Navy Heroes". This envelope is in good condition, but wrinkled. Member USCS #10385 (I also earned the stamp collecting merit badge as a boy scout!). ...
Facil Subasta - http://www.facilsubasta.com/
Google Web Alert for: "asiatic fleet"
USS MCCORMICK DD-223 Naval Cover 1930 ASIATIC FLEET - eBay (item ...
eBay: Find USS MCCORMICK DD-223 Naval Cover 1930 ASIATIC FLEET in the Stamps , United States , Covers , Event Covers , Naval category on eBay.
Military Christmas Card U.S.Asiatic Fleet TSINGTAO-Navy - eBay ...
eBay: Find Military Christmas Card USAsiatic Fleet TSINGTAO-Navy in the Collectibles , Militaria , Militaria Date Unknown , Navy category on eBay.
Wapedia - Wiki: Philippines Campaign (1941–1942)
The United States Asiatic Fleet and 16th Naval District, based at Manila, provided the naval defenses for the Philippines. Commanded by Admiral Thomas C. ...

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Charlie Ankerberg - 2010

One of the most colorful of the Asiatic Fleet who served with distinction and filled many interviews with a clear perspective of the war and its tragic and human events.
Obituary Is HERE :

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Signalman was 1 of only 2

Signalman was 1 of only 2 rescued from lifeboat
A USS Marblehead veteran is rescued from the Dutch waship that he served in for the Battle of The Java Sea. It is an amazing story. Most of the US sailors who were "loaned" for signal purposes to the multi national fleet opposing Japan were killed when those ships were sunk. A memorial in Holland notes the names of some of these sailors, a couple of them were USS Houston crew - on loan.

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HMAS PERTH memorial regatta

They are looking for Houston Survivors.
 blog it

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Asiatic Fleet News Feed (Google)

Google Web Alert for: "asiatic fleet"
US Fleet - Asiatic Fleet, November 1, 1940
The organization of the US Navy's Asiatic Fleet in 1940.

United States Asiatic Fleet pdf Ebook Download
Asiatic Fleet were augmented because the political turmoil in the Philippines and China was such as to frequently require the presence of United States . ...

USS BULMER DD-222 Naval Cover 1938 ASIATIC FLEET MANILA - eBay ...
eBay: Find USS BULMER DD-222 Naval Cover 1938 ASIATIC FLEET MANILA in the Stamps , United States , Covers , Event Covers , Naval category on eBay.

The Fleet the Gods Forgot: U.S. Asiatic Fleet in WW II - eBay ...
eBay: Find The Fleet the Gods Forgot: US Asiatic Fleet in WW II in the Books , Nonfiction category on eBay.

H.Con.Res. 186 (ih); Commending all who served with the United ...
186 Commending all who served with the United States Navy Asiatic Fleet throughout the Far East from 1910 to 1942, especially those sailors and marines who ...

Fleet Composition - NOVEMBER - 1940