Sunday, December 31, 2006

Jade Rooster by R.L. Crossland
This is a new book (Fiction) about the Asiatic Fleet about 1913. It could
be an interesting read for people who enjoy historical fiction in the vein

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R. L. Crossland said...

The publisher's blurb says (and I blush):

Two Americans, one civilian, one navy enlisted man, are drawn into the hard-boiled underworld of early 20th Century Japan as they investigate the grisly discovery of three severed human heads adrift in an open boat belonging to a missing ship. Their exploration of the seedy side of the Asiatic Fleet exposes brutal violence and betrayal lurking in unexpected quarters. Blending the historical authenticity of Patrick O'Brian with the crackling narrative and dialogue of Raymond Chandler, Crossland establishes himself as a unique voice in nautical fiction