Saturday, June 25, 2005

Asiatic Fleet Student

Maybe we could advertise the ChinaGunBoatMan to gather more subscribers..I feel a lot would like to subscribe to it but don't realize we accept "Sponsors" as well a Asiatic Fleet members. In fact we have a good percentage of them. Maybe even put a sample of one of the better stories on the web...I just received a letter from one of our "pastor" members Steve Bryson...he has made a most extensive study of the Asiatic Fleet...has almost every book publishe pertaining to it and asking for suggtions on more books. He wants any first person story for his files and has asked me to send him my personal history of my 2-1/2 years on the Asheville in China...from 1936 to 1939...I will send it to him.He is going to build a model of the Tutuila and wants plans to build the Asheville PG21 which I have.He is really Gungho and I admire his interest.That is the type of some of our patrons. Thanks for all of your interest too.You and Steve Bryson are jewels as far as I'm concerned. Best wishes. Walter

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