Saturday, June 25, 2005

Letter to National Geographic

Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Editor National Geographic Magazine
PO BOX 64106
Tampa, FL 33664-4106

Dear Editor:

I am once again subscribing to your magazine. As I have been off and on throughout the years, but this time I have an offer. If I don’t receive a courtesy reply I will never subscribe again. Here is my message:

There are many editors, I know, but hopefully this will find the one who has some historic visions to see the great opportunity in bringing to life a vital part of our history. A part that never can be repeated, a part so little is known about, or cared about by home guards that see only the borders of east and west.

I am talking about the former U.S.Navy Asiatic Fleet, from the first days in 1845 when Congressman Caleb Cushing made treaties with China and to actively establish the Asiatic Fleet, known at that time as the East India Squadron. On and on through the years many dramatic events brought that group to light in military eyes,e.g. The English War with China (we did not participate), the opening of trade with Japan, the Boxer Rebellion, The Battle of Manila Bay in the war with Spain, The Boxer Rebellion. Sinking of the Panay, and certainly by far the battles of the Java Seas, as the poorly equipped, overaged ships, without promised reinforcements, battled to their deaths delaying the modern Japanese Fleet from occupying the oil rich Dutch East Indies.

Certainly the peoples of the United States and specifically the children need to know this vital stage of their heritage. Only the National Geographic Magazine can portray this properly and correct the absence of recognition prevailing in the past.

Please think about this. It has never been told, a sleeping dragon that only needs a sword of revelation to bring it to life and expose it as the exciting history that now lies forgotten.

Walter F. Ashe
Lt. SC, USN (Ret)

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Denver said...

Walter: Good letter. I am wondering if you go a reply and if so, what was it? I think an article in the CGM for all hands to write to them might help.