Thursday, June 30, 2005


The ChinaGunboatMan is devoted to perpetuating the history of the Asiatic Fleet. It existed only in the hearts and minds oif those that served in its command. By publishing only true stories of the Philippine-China-Japan area before WWII, that are related to the Asiatic Fleet. we hope to honor only those that served therein. Their good and bad times will make up for future
historians the picture of what happened during those years from 1845 and on in that distant foreign land.

History is made up of these men who served inconspicuously in this far away Asian land, unknown and unheralded by the country they defended. Yet even in their last days, served silently and heroically to the end. The Asiatic Fleet, as we know it, and lived it, is only history. It can never, ever happen again.

We invite all personnel, military or civilian that are interested in, and supportive of, the objectives of the SouthChina Yangtze Patrol to join up with us. You will receive the unique ChinaGunBoatMan newsletter every quarter, you will be qualified to attend our annual reunion and you will enjoy the association with our old "China Hands" that "have been there and done that" duty in the Asiatic Fleet. Welcome Aboard! Send the following information to our Secretary Denver Keplinger, 79 Caesar Circle, Amherst Village, Amherst, OH 44001. Phone (440) 985-2044 or E Mail: Denverkep. Annual dues $18.00 but joining after July lst only $9.00. You will be rewarded with a current ChinaGunBoatMan newsletter when you registration is received.

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